Utilise advanced logging and reporting to understand what actions your Team are taking, and ultimately be able to review suspicious activity and make compliance easier.

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In this guide:

Our Logging Reporting is broken up into 4 main areas

  • Account Activity Reports here

  • User Activity Logs here

  • Invite History here

  • File Activity Logs here

Account Statistics

View how much Invite and SMS credits were used in your account and generate usage reports via Statistics. Click here for more information.

User Activity Logs

Be on top of your Team's activity by utilizing User Logs. Click here for more information.

Invite History

Track an Invite's activity using the History Tab. Click here for more information.

File Activity Logs

Monitor file interactions via File Logs. Click here for more information.

🎉 Utilize these tools and always be in the know! 🎉

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