The Mortgage Addon

FileInvite Mortgage Add-On

The Mortgage Add-On as an add-on to your FileInvite plan provides some handy tools that will make collecting financial records a breeze and it even makes getting referrals from your clients much easier too!

See a quick run through here:


  • TFN Redaction [BETA] (Australia) - Use TFN Redaction to remove sensitive Tax File Numbers from your clients documents - 

  • Pre-Built Templates - Get access to our Template directory with Pre-Built Templates for Brokers in Australia, The United States & Canada -  

  • Pe-Built Fact Find, 1003 and Expenses Sheet - Get access to our own Fact Find, Expense Sheet and the Fannie May 1003, set up as a Live Form and ready to go to your Clients.

  • Bankstatements Integration (W/ Bankstatements, Cashdeck and CreditSense) - Integrate with the top Bankstatement platforms to easily retrieve meaningful data about your clients spending and accounts

  • Client Referral Engine - Whenever you close an Invite, your client will be notified to submit a review and referral, helping you with Generating new Leads.

    🎉 Collecting bank records has never been easier! 🎉