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Managing & Using Templates
Using the Template Directory
Using the Template Directory

How to get into the Template Directory, Send yourself a Pre-Built Template and how to copy the Templates to make them your own.

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Make setup a breeze, by using one of our pre-built Templates from our Directory. 

We've covered common Templates for Mortgage and Finance Professionals as well as common forms for US SBA loans, End of Year Tax Forms and Bankruptcy Petitions.

🔒Note: The Template Directory is only available on The Mortgage Add-On/Your Free Trial

In this guide:

  • Accessing the Directory

  • Send yourself a Template to test it out

  • Making the Templates your own

Useful guides:

  • How to Manage Templates here

Access the Template Directory

  1. In the FileInvite app, go to Templates

  2. Click FileInvite from the Template sidebar options

3. Navigate through the folders to find a Template that suits your needs

Send yourself a Template to Test it out

  1. In the FileInvite app, click Create Invite

  2. Click the Load Template button

3. Click the FileInvite Template option to see our Pre-Built Templates

Make a Template your own

To review a Template you'll want to copy it to your own folder, where you have full control to edit it

  1. Click the 3 dots to the right hand side of the Template you'd like to copy

  2. Select the Copy option from the options that appear

3. Rename the Template if desired

4. Click Mine from the Template sidebar options
5. Click the Title of the copied Invite to go inside and review

You've now got Templates to get started with! Simply load them into an Invite to send them for real! 

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