Companies allow you to arrange your contacts into their associated businesses.

In this guide:

  • Add a new Company

  • Deleting and Editing Companies

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Add a new Company

1. In the FileInvite app, go to Contacts and click the Companies tab

2. Click the Create Company button

3. Add all relevant information to the form

  • Fill in company information including name and website

  • Add associated emails and phone numbers

  • Enter the company's physical address

4. Once you have added these details, click Create Company to continue.

5. The new company will now appear in your company list! You can also use the Search Bar to search for your newly created company.

You can easily delete companies by clicking the trash bin icon on the right hand side or edit a company by clicking the pencil icon right next to it.

🎉 Reduce the headaches of trying to work out which contacts work where 🎉

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