The Master User has total control and access to all data and features of the account. For this reason, there can only be one Master User per account. But what if the Master User is moving on to a different Team or maybe you need to assign someone else to the role? 

In this guide you will learn how to change the Master User of the account.

  • User Roles and Permissions here

  • Manage your team here

  • Change a Team Members Role & Access here

See in this guide how to

  • Change the Master User of your FileInvite Account

Considerations to Make

❗Given that the Master User is a critical account role, there are considerations to make before changing

  • All Invites that were sent from the Master will now come from the User that takes over the Role

  • All templates that belong to the User taking over the Master login, will need to be copied over to the Master User. (See steps 1 - 5)

  • The new Master, will need to perform a Password Reset or be with you when making the change. (See steps 12 - 13)

Changing the Master User

📝 Note: Complete steps 1 - 5 if the User becoming the Master has Templates, otherwise skip to step 6

Copying current Templates

  1. Click Templates on the sidebar (Ensuring you're logged in as the Current Master User)

  2. On the Template Sidebar click Shared

  3. Click on the folder of the User who's Templates need to be copied

    4. Click Copy on each Template to copy 

Note: Copy is revealed by clicking the 3 dots beside the Template

     5. Repeat Step 4 for all Templates that need to be copied.

Changing the Master User

    6. Go to Settings > Team
    7. Click the Edit Pencil on the User who will become the Master

    8. Under the Email Field Replace their email with a placeholder - The simplest is to add a 1 to their current email address i.e. should become 

Note: The placeholder email is required as only one email address can be applied per user, by adding a 1 to the current email, you free the email up for being set to the Master.

    9. Go back to Settings > Team

   10. Click the Edit Pencil on the Master User

    11. Change all the Profile Details of the Master User to that of the new User

    12. If the new User is with you - get them to set their password here

Note: Otherwise they will need to try to login to the app, and reset their password

    13. Save the User Settings

    14. Go to Settings > Team

    15. Click Delete on the old User (when you go to delete you will be asked to reassign the Invites to another User, choose the New Master to transfer these across)

You now have a new Master User!

🎉 Now your Team is sorted you can step productivity up a notch 🎉

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