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How to Create an Invite
How to Create an Invite

This guide will show you how to create and send off an Invite. An Invite allows you to bundle Requests for documents from your contacts.

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In this guide:

  • Creating and Sending a new FileInvite

Disclaimer ‼️
When editing existing Invites, you will notice that the Requests are still using the old interface. Here's a quick guide on editing these Requests.

Invites can be created from the “Create New Invite” button located at the top of the application's UI.

There are a few options available under this button based on permissions:

  • Select Send as Me to send the invite as yourself

  • Select Send as {Another User} to send the invite on behalf of another one of your team based on your permissions

You will have two options to start creating an invite:

  • Create Blank Invite

    • This lets to create a new invite fresh from the start

  • Create from Template

    • This lets to create an invite based on a preset template

Choosing to Create Blank Invite will take you to the setup screen

Start by choosing Send as Me or Send as {Another user}, and choose to Create Blank Invite option. This will take you to the invite setup screen. This is where you can add basic information about the invite, like the subject and a description or message to your clients to identify what the invite is about.

  • Add a subject line to your invite

  • Set a due date for your invite note: The due date must be at least one day later than the creation date.

  • Add a message to accompany your Invite

You can find additional options over the top which let you configure additional settings like:

  • Cloud storage sync

    You can sync your cloud storage here to automatically backup any documents

  • Reminders

    Set how often your client gets reminder notifications about the invite

  • Password protected

    For added security, enabling this option lets your client set a password to log in to the portal, and would have to use that password to access the portal from then on.

  • Reference ID

    Reference number for the invite for additional documentation

  • Display user override

    This option would override the invite owner and let you choose who would appear as the sender of the invite to your clients.

  • Notification user override

    This option would override the invite owner and let you choose who would get notified of any invite activities

The next screen would be to add contacts. You could either search through your contacts lists or create a new contact which gets added to the invite and also to your contacts list.

Note: You can add up to 15 contacts in one invite

The next screen allows you to create your document requests. You can create request titles and add more details to the request by choosing the edit option. You can use the edit pencil button to edit the request and ad more information or to attach a document and convert it to a live form.

Editing the request (edit pencil) lets you add more information about the request, choose the request type, choose the contacts who should be receiving the request, add documents that can be converted to live forms and additional options such as notification and integration settings.

Note: See how to create live forms here

You can change the request type to the following:

  • Regular request

    This is when you are asking for any information or document from your client

  • Read-only

    This is when you are not requesting any information or document, but only leaving information for your client to read and understand.

  • Live form

    This is a live form request which your client needs to fill in

  • e-signature

    This is the type of request that requires a signature from your client

  • Bank statements

    This is a bank statements request that redirects your client automatically to a secure portal that would let your client access their banking portal and download the requested information

Choosing to Create Invite from Template will take you to the templates screen

Start by choosing Send as Me or Send as {Another user}, and choose to Create from Template option. This will take you to the templates screen where you can create an invite from a preset invite template.

From here, you may choose from any of your preset invite templates to go with, this would automatically add invite details, requests, and live forms that were previously saved on your account.

You may choose from your saved templates, templates shared by other users, or even choose from a company template.

Once you have selected the templates you need to go with the invite, hit load template. This would automatically take you to the invite review page as you have all the needed information saved with the templates (saves you heaps of time)

Review your FileInvite

Once you have all the information and requests set for the invite, you may review the invite and send it.

You can now relax and wait for your clients to start working on the invite.

Congratulations, you've sent your FileInvite! 🎉

You can review and monitor the Invites progress by clicking View your Invite

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