When a document containing a Tax File Number is uploaded to a TFN redaction enabled request, FileInvite will mask the numbers so that they are only visible to those with the authority to see them.

You can access the redacted version of the file by following these steps.

Accessing Redacted files inside FileInvite

  1. Go to Invites > Sent Invites page and click on the Invite that you want to access.

  2. Open the Request tab to get an overview of all your requests.

  3. Expand the request by clicking on it

  4. Click the Download PDF button to download your TFN redacted file

Accessing Redacted files in your Cloud Storage provider

1. Access the Invite folder by following the synchronization path of your Invite. In this example, my Invite is meant to sync to my folder called FileInvite Testing.

2. Open the PDF folder

3. Your redacted file can be viewed and downloaded from here.

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