We are constantly working to improve your FileInvite experience! Here's a summary of what has changed.

If you have any questions please email support@fileinvite.com or reach out to us via chat!

Version Number: 2.128.0
Release Date: 20th-October-2021


  • The option to update the subject/name of an Invite has been added! Simply head to the Options tab of an existing Invite and a new field to edit the name of the Invite is now available.


  • Resolved an issue where certain profile images appear as broken in the customer portal

  • Fixed an issue if a live form has a huge number of fields in it, "Saved as Draft" button fails and submits the form instead of saving it.

Version Number: 2.127.0
Release Date: 15th-October-2021


  • Added a "Show Closed" Invites checkbox in the Sent Invites page which allows Users to filter closed Invites in the list

Version Number: 2.126.0
Release Date: 6th-October-2021


  • User experience and interface upgrade for our Sent Invites page! This allows you to easily sort and manage your Invites.


  • Display User - Fixed an issue where the Invite owner's name is still appearing in the Message tab as the sender even if you have an assigned Display User

  • Resolved an issue where contacts with no assigned field on a Together type of live form are unable to access or view the live form.

Version Number: 2.125.0
Release Date: 20th-September-2021


  • Transfer Invite - Resolved an issue where email notification when transferring an Invite does not include the information of the transferred contacts

  • Email notification hyperlinks should now display correctly when viewed via Outlook client

Version Number: 2.120
Release Date: 6th-September-2021


  • BankStatements Integration - Added a feature to rename converted PDF files after the original filename instead of the Request title


  • Optimized Invite listing page to improve loading times especially for Users with access to all Invites in an account

  • Minor bugfixes

Version Number: 2.119.1
Release Date: 27th-August-2021


  • Resolved an issue where some Users are unable to sync to a shortcut to a Google Shared Drive folder.

Version Number: 2.119.0
Release Date: 23rd-August-2021


  • Resolved an issue where some messages are not displaying correctly when an Invite is transferred

  • Enhanced live form fields to lessen overflowing characters on text fields

  • API improvement to support transferring of contacts when an Invite is transferred

  • Fixed an issue where the use of double curly brackets makes the Messages tab of an Invite inaccessible

Version Number: 2.117.0
Release Date: 9th-August-2021


  • Resolved a minor issue where the checkbox to notify other contacts when resending an Invite is not responding.

  • Fixed an issue wherein you're unable to transfer an Invite to a User who is not part of the initial list of receivers.

  • Google Drive integration file explorer will now show up to 500 folders instead of 100

  • Rectify a problem where cloud integrations default to the root folder on Invites even if the default cloud integration settings were set up otherwise.

  • Minor bugfixes


  • Split permission for Notification & File Options to better manage access to these sections of the app. Previously, these were under single permission called General.

Version Number: 2.116.0
Release Date: 26-July-2021


  • User experience upgrade - Options page has been changed to Preferences and split into 3 different tabs; File settings, Notification settings, and Message settings have had some UI improvements

  • Your SMS number can now be updated from your Profile settings


  • Accessibility and speed improvements to the templates and invite listing pages

  • Minor permission and experience improvements surrounding contact access

  • Resolved an issue where password protection on portals wasn’t applying through some templates

  • Fixed an issue with live forms incorrectly displaying on portals by extending accessibility timelines

  • Onedrive - Resolved an issue with ampersands in folder paths

Version Number: 2.115.0
Release Date: 13-July-2021


  • Transfer Invite - Easily transfer ownership of an Invite to a team member for better collaboration! Click here to learn more about this new feature.

  • Display and Notification User is now available on Owner and Admin roles by default.


  • Resolved an issue where Dropbox synchronization will sometimes fail if the User sent an Invite using a shared Template via API


  • API enhancement to return better error messages

Version Number: 2.114.1
Release Date: 06-July-2021


  • Fixed cloud settings of an Invite getting set to no synchronization when a draft invite is reloaded

Version Number: 2.114.0
Release Date: 01-July-2021


  • Resolved an issue where sometimes Google Drive sync fails if you send an Invite using someone else's Template via the API


  • When you send an Invite using someone else's Template with Google Drive integration set up in it, your Invite will retain this setting and your own Google Drive account will create the same path if it doesn't exist.

Version Number: 2.112.1
Release Date: 28-June-2021


  • Fixed an issue wherein some cases the Request tab is not loading properly

  • Resolved an issue that causes some old Templates to not load


  • Changed Template directory sorting to alphabetical to make it easier to find Templates

  • Optimized Groups page search function

Version Number: 2.112.0
Release Date: 17-June-2021


  • Resolved an issue wherein some cases you're unable to set up Custom Template Directory

  • Fixed Google Drive integration connection error for some Users

  • The login page should no longer be stuck when you log out as one user and try to log in as another user

  • Support for 4 digit country codes

  • API fixes

  • Tweaked digital signatures

  • Other minor bugfixes

Version Number: 2.111.0
Release Date: 31-May-2021


  • Contacts, Companies, Groups, Company Settings and Profile pages had a user experience upgrade

  • Google Shared Drives is now supported for automatic cloud syncing


  • PDF Engine processing enhancement


  • Minor Bugfixes

Version Number: 2.110.0
Release Date: 17-May-2021


  • Hyperlinks on the description of a Request now opens a new tab

  • Due date field for reminders [due_date] has been changed from dd-mm-yyyy (18 May 2021) to mm-dd-yyyy (May 18, 2021).

Version Number: 2.109.1
Release Date: 23-April-2021


  • Notification and Display User should now appear correctly under Invite List View

Version Number: 2.109.0
Release Date: 23-April-2021


  • Resolved an issue where if you try to upload a large video file, sometimes it will get stuck


  • Improved the Invite search speed in the Invite Sent page

Version Number: 2.108.0
Release Date: 14-April-2021


  • A Parchment integration has been released for Enterprise Accounts

  • The “Download files” permission has been removed with “Download returned files” and “Download live forms” put in it’s place

  • Email address and phone number of the person who submitted the live form is now available on the digital certificate

  • Invite activity notifications will now be sent on a per invite basis


  • Fixed an issue where sending as another user wasn't possible on some accounts

  • Multiple lines on text fields will now wrap within live forms

  • Resolve an issue where logs were becoming excessive on duplicated invites and requests

  • Large file upload issues on the portal have been fixed

  • An issue where sometimes Invite related link via email doesn't direct you to the page if you're not logged in to the platform has been fixed


  • Minor security enhancements

  • Optimization to allow for faster logging in

Version Number: 2.107.0
Release Date: 29-March-2021



  • Minor security enhancements - Improved encryption on URL shortener

Version Number: 2.104.1
Release Date: 01-March-2021


With great reluctance and internal debate, we have settled on a required price change to our plans and addons. Since launching FileInvite in 2015, we have never once increased our pricing. Our product has come a long way since then, and due to storage and supplier costs mounting, we have finally had to raise our prices by a small amount.

All plans are being increased by $6.99 per user i.e. Lite & Pro will just increase by $6.99, Multi will increase by $20.99 + $6.99 per additional user

Price Increase for the following plans:

  • Lite Monthly from $15USD to $21.99USD

  • Pro Monthly from $35USD to $41.99USD

  • Multi Monthly $75USD to $95.99USD

  • Additional User Monthly $25USD to $31.99USD

  • Mortgage Addon Monthly $15USD to $17.99USD

Version Number: 2.104.0
Release Date: 02-February-2021


  • Optimized Downloading Files as ZIP by removing collated files from the export which results in faster download time.

  • Customer Portal timeout period extended to 30 minutes when customer is filling in a live form. Giving your clients plenty of time to get back to completing the live form if they needed to step away while keeping security in mind.

  • General user experience improvements on iPads

  • Minor security enhancements


  • Resolved an issue where Google Drive integration folders are not loading for some Users

  • Fixed issue where sometimes Google Drive couldn't sync if the root directory is chosen

  • Multi-Bank BankStatement integration sometimes wouldn't return CSV files from Illion

  • Fixed an issue wherein some cases downloading your Zip File via email fails

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