This release contains the feature to set a Display and Notification User and option to set up Multi Factor Authentication. Minor enhancements and tweaks were also deployed to the FileInvite platform.

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  • Display and Notification User - under the Additional Settings when creating a new Invite, or under the Options tab of an existing Invite, there is now the option to choose a Display and/or Notification user.

Display User - This users details will replace the Invite senders details on all Client Facing Emails/SMS notifications, as well as on the Client Portal.

Notification User - This user will receive Notifications instead of the Invite sender

Note: The user must be in the same group and have the ability to send on behalf of another user to see these options.

Check this quick guide on setting up Display and Notification User.

  • Multi Factor Authentication - Connect an authenticator application to your account to ensure your data is secure. Allows you to have two factor authentication when signing in. - Not relevant if using SSO


  • SMS Notifications - sometimes the Almost Due Client Reminder didn't show the actual number of days left until the Invite was due

  • Users can now be deleted from a group under the Team > Groups page (This was broken if the account had 1000s of users)

  • Improved the consistency of the Invite Complete Notifications going to a User

  • Resolved issue where live form changes were not saved if editing for long periods of time.

  • Fixed issue where disabled users were showing in some areas.

  • Importing contacts will no longer have errors when spaces are around values.

  • Resolve some cases of SMS notifications not being received.


Live Forms

  • Adjusted the Save as Draft, Sign and Submit buttons so they aren't overlapped on mobile

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