This feature allows you to choose who will be displayed as the face of an Invite and also select which User will receive notifications associated with an Invite. This functionality will only be available if the account has the ability to have multiple users.

Display User - This User's details will replace the Invite senders details on all Client Facing Emails/SMS notifications, as well as on the Client Portal.

Notification User - This user will receive Notifications instead of the Invite sender

πŸ“ Note: The user must be in the same group and have the ability to send on behalf of another user to see these options.

In this Guide

  • Customize your Display and Notification User

How to select a Display or Notification User

1. Create a new Invite or Open an existing Invite

2. When creating a new Invite, click on Additional Settings to expand the selection.


Go to Options of an existing Invite

πŸ“ Note: These values can also be changed when an Invite has already been sent under Invite Options.

3. Click on the Display or Notification User drop-down menu and choose the Users accordingly

4. These values will be visible on the review invite page prior to sending the invite.

πŸ“ Note: These values are also visible when an Invite has already been sent under the Invite Overview tab.

5. You're done! These changes will take effect as soon as you send the Invite.

How will this affect your Invite?

Invite Listing Page

On the listing page, the display user and notification user will be shown in small text underneath the invite owner, and be searchable. When exporting the list of invites, these will be 2 additional columns.

Portal Login

If the customer portal is password protected, prior to logging in, the display user will be shown as the invite sender on the password creation page.

Customer Portal

The opening message will be changed to reflect the details of the β€œDisplay User” if one is selected, otherwise it will use the default value. This is true for all references to the user on the page, specifically the dropdown selection for a recipient of a message.

Outbound Client Facing Notifications

The following notifications to end clients will have references to the invite owner replaced with the β€œDisplay User” if specified:

● The invite sent notification (email and SMS)

● The almost due / due today / overdue reminder notifications

● Message sent and response notifications

● Resend notifications

● Rejecting a request notifications

FileInvite System Notifications

The following notifications will be sent to the β€œNotification User” if specified:

● Invite due today notifications

● Invite activity notifications

● Message received notifications

● Invite first viewed notifications

● Invite completed notifications

These notifications include both email and SMS notifications.

Things to Consider

● If an invite is transferred to another user that is in the same group as the old owner, and the β€œDisplay User” and β€œNotification User” are of the same group of the recipient, there are no issues. If this is not the case of any of these items, they will revert back to the new invite owner.

● The permissions for either of these users to be able to access the invite is separate from the setting itself. If a user is assigned as the β€œNotification User” on an invite they do not have permission to, when they click a link it will not allow them to access the invite

● If a user is deleted, any assignments they have to either of these 2 fields will be erased and revert back to the invite owner.

πŸ₯³You can now choose a generic client facing User while receiving notifications! πŸ₯³

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