Adding links to your Requests is a powerful way to allow your contacts to access external services you use.

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  • Setup links in your Request Descriptions

1. Open an existing Invite/Template

2. Either click into the new Request title, to reveal the Request Editor, OR, Click the Edit Pencil to edit the Request

2a. If it's opened via create a new Invite, it will look like this under step 3 'Requests':

3. Enter a clear description for the Request that explains what you require, and any specifics the client should be aware of

3a. 'Create invite' view

4. Paste your URL into the Request description, and highlight the URL you'd like to link

Tip: You can also enter text such as Click this link and turn the text into a Hyperlink too

5. Click the Hyperlink icon in the toolbar and Enter the exact URL for the service i.e.

6. The text will now appear as a hyperlink, that the contact can click

📝 Note: If setting up links for Multiple contacts, on the same Invite, they will require their own Request assigned to them

1. Either create a new Request or use the Copy function to duplicate the previously made Request (to save starting from scratch)

2. Update the Request description/link of this new Request using the previous steps

3. Click the Edit Pencil ✎ on each Request,

4. Look for option Request from option, under Title and select who will receive this request,

5. Check the correct Contact for that Request

5a. Repeat these steps for each Contact

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