We recently refreshed the look of some areas of the FileInvite app, most notably Invite Listing Page, Contacts Page and the Design of Email Notifications

We hope you see the difference!

App Changes

Invite Listing Page

Previously, the Invite Listing Page will load all Invites in the background before loading the page which could take awhile if you have hundreds of Invites. The new and improved page will only load recent Invites but you can use the Search Bar to look for older ones.

Contacts Page

In the old Contacts Page, the platform will load all your contacts at once which could take time if you have a lot of saved contacts in the database. 

The update addressed this by loading contacts in chunks rather than all at once.

Email Notifications

Client's Email Notifications

Your Notifications

We've also modernised email designs so they look more professional for you and your clients!

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