This release contains new features such as Logging & Reporting, User Roles and Permissions, SMTP and other minor features.

📝Note: Many of these features are Enterprise Only features, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details on upgrading your plan to enable these features!



  • Updates to Listing Page - changes how the Invite page loads

  • Invites Export - Exported Spreadsheet now contains Invite Reference ID


  • Updates to email notifications design

Check out these changes here



  • SMTP - Route all of the application's customer facing emails through a custom mailing server - See More Here

  • Master Notification Settings Update - Ability to override the Master Notification Settings to all Users - See More Here


  • Custom Template Folder - Allow for a custom Template folder in the Templates sidebar, with ability to set a custom logo - See More Here

  • Disable Modifying Invite Settings - Ability to set on the Template whether Additional Settings can be changed when creating an Invite - See More Here


  • Assign multiple User Roles

  • Place Signature Fields programmatically

  • Webhook failures to a pre-defined email - can be set via Settings > API & Webhooks

Logging and Reporting - See More Here

  • Added logging of key events such as user actions, customer actions, invite actions, file actions and account actions

  • Added an export tool to pull reports from this logging that can be based on groups and individual users.

Roles and Permissions - See More Here

  • Added Custom Roles that Users can be assigned to

  • Added advanced permissions that can be used to setup Custom Role

Live Forms

  • Disable Contact Completion Email - Ability to disable the email sent when a Live Form is submitted, set at the form level

  • Disable Modifying of Live Form Field for whether contact completion email is sent 


  • Authentication controls to enforce connection to Onedrive Business on first login

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