SMTP, or simple mail transfer protocol, is a way to send email from one server to another. This means that you can route all customer facing FileInvite emails through a custom mailing server of your choice.

This not only allows you to send emails to your clients using your own email server/addresses, but also allows you to customise FileInvite emails further with custom footers/headers etc, that are enforced by your mailing servers.

📝Note: Setting up SMTP requires a slightly more advanced configuration than usual. If you're not familiar with your SMTP settings, reach out to your Administrator or Email Service Provider.

This feature is only available on certain plans. Speak to your Customer Success Manager/our Enterprise Sales team to learn more.

  • Edit your email & SMS messages to clients here

See in this guide how to

  • Enable and configure SMTP

1. Navigate to Settings > Account.

2. Go to SMTP and turn the option ON.

3. Fill out the required fields accordingly. You may hover your cursor over the question mark icons to get a brief description of the field.

4. If the Server requires Authentication, simply turn the option ON and input your Username and Password.

5. Test your SMTP connection to ensure that it's working by clicking the Test Connection button. You will receive a confirmation if the test is successful.

🎉Wohoo! All your customer facing emails will now come from your own domain🎉

😓Still struggling? Reach out to us in the chat bubble, we'll get you sorted! 😎

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