FileInvite tracks all file related activities which can be viewed in the File Logs. This way you can see what interactions are happening to your Files and ensure that sensitive data is protected.

This guide will go over how to view the File Logs on an Invite, as well as each action that is tracked. 

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See in this guide

  • How to access the File Logs of an Invite

  • A list of all the tracked activity on a File

1. Navigate to Invites > Sent Invites

2. Open up the Invite you'd like to access by selecting the Invite Subject or the Expand Button.

3. Click the Request tab which will take you to the list of requests in the Invite.

4. Click the Request where the file that you want to view is located to expand it. Look for the paper icon on the right side and click it.

5. The File Logs window will appear with all the interactions that the file have went through.

Activities tracked on File Logs

Below is a list of the different Activities you will see listed under the History of your Invites. 

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