If the Pre-defined Roles does not satisfy accessibility requirements for your Team Members, you can set up more complex roles via Custom Roles and Permissions. This ensures that the right people have access to the right information without impacting their productivity. You can use different set of Permissions to tailor fit the role to a certain job function.

📝Note: This feature is only available on certain plans. Speak to your Customer Success Manager/our Enterprise Sales team to learn more.

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In this guide:

  • Learn how to create Custom Roles and Permissions for your Account

  • Understand what each Permissions do

Create Custom Roles and Permissions

  1. Go to Settings > Teams and click on Roles.

2. Click on Create Role. Fill in the name of your new Role and add a description. The handle will be automatically populated based on the name of the Role.

3. Adjust the access settings based on what features you want this new Role to have access to. Here are some of the options explained.

  • No Access - This Role will not have access/view to this function.

  • Own - Can access/view this function for features under the User's own profile

  • Group - Can access/view this function if the User is under the same Group

  • All - All Users under the same Account can access/view this function

  • Configure - The User have access and can configure this feature

  • Enabled - Feature is enabled

  • Disabled - Feature is disabled

In the example below, this Role can view Templates under his own Group, is allowed to Create Templates, Edit Own Templates but cannot Delete Templates.

4. Don't forget to click the Save Button at the bottom of the page to save your new Role.

Customizable Permissions

  • View - Control whether the User can view a certain feature/function

  • Create - Determine whether the User can Create content (Users, Templates, Requests, Invites,  Contacts, Company, etc.)

  • Edit - Establish whether the User can Edit content (Users, Templates, Requests, Invites,  Contacts, Company, etc.)

  • Delete - Set whether the User can Delete content (Users, Templates, Requests, Invites,  Contacts, Company, etc.)

🎉 Now your Users can only access what you need them to! 🎉
😓 Something not making sense? Let us sort that for you in the chat bubble! 😎

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