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Generate Reviews and Referrals from your Clients
Generate Reviews and Referrals from your Clients

Generate New Leads and Client Testimonials with our Review and Referral Engine

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Whenever you close an Invite, you have the option to notify your client to submit a Review and Referral, helping you improve your craft and Generate New Leads!

📝Note: This feature is only available if you have the Mortgage Add-on enabled. Changes to the Review Settings will be applied to the whole Account.

In this Guide

  • Learn how to enable and customize the Review and Referral Engine

  • View and export your client reviews

Enable and Customize your Review and Referral Engine

  1. Click Reviews followed by Page Settings on the sidebar and turn Enable Referral Engine ON. 

2. Select whether you want your client to receive an Email or SMS notification, or both, by turning the options ON or OFF.

Tip:  Customize your Review/Referral experience by changing the questions in these boxes to fit your style and tone. 

Note📝  :  If you want to go back to the default questions, simply click this button on the right hand side.

4. Don't want a specific question to appear? No problem! Simpy click the x or + icons to remove and add the question boxes respectively.

5. Once you're happy with how your Review and Referral engine is set up, you can click on the Preview button to see how it will look like from your client's perspective.

6. Click on save settings to finalize your Review and Referral engine.

View and Export your Client Reviews

1. Click Reviews followed by View All on the sidebar to view your reviews.

2. If you want to export your reviews, simply click the Export CSV button.

  A CSV file with a copy of all your reviews will be automatically downloaded. Note that you may have to allow the download depending on your browser settings.

🎉Now you're setup! You can now receive client reviews and referrals!🎉

😓 Not too sure about any of this, let us clear things up in the chat bubble 😎

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