Are you the type of user who collects a large number of documents intermittently? Maybe an accountant who secures financial documents annually? Or a company that processes applications on a seasonal basis? 

This short guide explains how our annual plans will suit!

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In this guide:

  • Learn how to maximize your invites for fluctuating or intermittent usage

For Users who have Fluctuating Usage, our Annual Plans are the right fit for you.

This is because on annual plans your Invite balance is available upfront, to use throughout the year, as necessary.

E.g. Our Pro Annual gets you 300 Invites/year, ready to be used when you need them.

You can see this comparison below:

Our Annual Plans also:

  • Save you up to 20% compared to a monthly plan

  • Give access to your Invites and SMS balances upfront

  • Are perfect when you need to process hundreds or thousands of applications, collect documents or requirements periodically

An Example

Meet Bob, an accountant who only requests financial documents once a year from his 200 clients. Bob is on the Pro Monthly plan and he can only send 25 Invites and SMS per month. That will not fit Bob's year-end needs and his monthly invites will be underutilized! Good thing Bob has the option to choose FileInvite Pro Annual.

Bob will receive his 300 invites upfront as opposed to 25 invites per month.

For users like Bob who have fluctuating usage, our annual plan is the perfect solution!

🎉Be like Bob and choose the right plan for your needs!🎉

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