When you change your FileInvite Plan or subscribe to an Add-on in the middle of a billing cycle, you are only charged for the time you used them, rather than for a complete month. These are called Prorated Charges.

📝 Note: A Prorated charge usually appears on your bill after a Plan has been changed or a new Add-on is activated.

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In this guide:

  • Learn what a Prorated charge is

  • Understand how Prorated charges are reflected on your Bill

How are Prorated charges calculated?

Prorated charges are calculated from the date of change up to the next bill date hence the partial charges:

Note: Example prices are examples and not true subscription charges


If your monthly bill date is the 1st of each month and on the 15th you activated the Mortgage Add-on worth $15 , your next bill will include a Prorated Charge calculated as follows:

  • $15/30 days = $0.5 (cost of Mortage Add-on per day)

  • $0.5 x 15 days = $7.5 (cost of the Add-on x days left in the current billing cycle)

Your next bill will include a $7.5 charge on top of the regular monthly charges for your plan. Following Invoices will then be at the full price.

Prorated Charges on change of FileInvite Plan

If you're on the Pro Plan and in the middle of the month you upgrade to the Multi Plan. How will that reflect on your bill?

If your bill date is the 1st of each month and you upgraded on the 15th. Your Pro plan bill looks like this:

With the upgrade to Multi Plan, expect to receive a Prorated bill similar to this:

  • $75/30 days = $2.5 (cost of Multi plan per day)

  • $2.5 x 15 days = $37.5 (cost of the plan x days left in the current billing cycle)

  • -$23 = payment debited from your card

  • -$20.12 = remaining 15 days of your Pro Plan credited back to your account 😊

  • You paid for 15 days of Pro Plan + 15 days of Multi Plan!

Remember: It may appear as you were charge twice on your card but if you look closely, the charges will sum up to 1 month worth of service.

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