In this article, we will show you how to go about adding an additional Party to an Existing Invite.

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  • Add a Contact to an Existing Invite

1. Go to your Invites Listing Page

2. Select one of your Invites by clicking the Title or the Magnifying Glass Button

3. Click the Add Another Contact button - located above the action buttons for your first Contact

4. Simply Search up an Existing Contact or click the Create Contact button to Create a new Contact

📌Note: When adding a Contact number ensure you use the International format of dropping any zeros and adding the Country code i.e. for America +13720982042 or Australia +64402907654

5. Select/Deselect any Requests as required

6. Choose whether to Send the Invite to the Contact Now or Later

📌Note: If saving the Contact to Send later they will be saved in a Draft state and need to be sent out by going to the Invite Overview Later.

7. (Optionally) update the Due Date and choose whether to notify other contacts of any changes

8. (Optionally) Enter a message to be sent to the New Contact

🤩As easy as that, additional parties are now included on the Invite! 🤩

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