Check out our video below on the major changes with this release, alternatively read through main changes below the video.

In this Update

  • Create an Invite with Multiple Parties & Control the Requests each party has access to

  • Request Signatures from Multiple Parties

  • Add as many Names, Signatures, Initials and Date fields as required to a Document

  • Resize Signature Fields

  • 'Quick Requests' - Editing Requests quickly by starting with just entering a title (Affects Templates, Create Invites and Editing Invites Requests

  • Request Type Dropdown - Replaces the Read Only and Integrations checkboxes usually at the bottom of a request

Note: Click the edit button to reveal other options of a Request

  • New layout for Invites Overview

  • New Layout for Invites Requests

  • New Chat Layout for replying to Client Messages (Ability to send a Message to a single person)

  • New Status Progressing replaces In Process

  • Download Files per person or per Invite

  • Clients can see who has already uploaded files to a request (if the option for all Contacts in an Invite to see uploads is enabled)

  • Updated Text Editor (Should resolve Grammarly Issue!)

  • Other UI Changes

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