When you've been building your client and contact lists up over time it's a real drag to have to recreate contacts manually. The good news is that it's simple to import a CSV from another system of yours and import your contacts all in one go. This guide shows you how to do exactly that.

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In this guide

  • Import your contacts from another System using the CSV Import function

Requirements for importing contacts:

  • There is a 500 record limit per import

  • The file must be in .CSV format (MS Excel / Google Sheets)

  • Use the correct titles and formatting

📝Note: Do not delete the Mobile Number column otherwise you will encounter an error with the headers. You can leave it blank if you don't want to add mobile numbers.

1. On the Contacts page, select the Contacts tab

2. Click the Import People button

3. On the Import page, click Choose File and select your .CSV file from your computer

4. Click the Submit File button to confirm your import

Back on the contact page, you will see your new contacts appear and depending on how many contacts you have imported, it may take a few minutes to be completed.

🎉Hours - if not days - saved! That's what we like! 🎉

😓 Not sure on the steps outlined. Hit us up in the chat bubble, we'll help! 😎

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