Different Team Members will require different accessibility to your FileInvite Account, and often you'll need to change the access levels of your Team Members. In this guide we will show you how to do this.

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  • Different User roles and permissions access levels here

In this guide

  • How to change the Role of a Team Member

1. Log into the FileInvite App

2. Navigate to Settings>Team to see your Team Members

3. Click the Pencil "Edit" Button under the Action heading of the User you'd like to change, this will take you to their account details.

4. Click the User Role field to reveal the available roles you can choose (see our other guide here for information on these other Roles)

🎉 Now your Users can only access what you need them to! 🎉

😓 Something not making sense? Let us sort that for you in the chat bubble! 😎

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