For compliance it is crucial that documents are tracked along the way. Any changes need to be known about and with FileInvite we give you the ability to see the History of an Invite. This way you can see what interactions are happening to your Invites. This guide will go over how to view the History on an Invite, as well as each action that is tracked. 

See in this guide

  • How to access the History section of an Invite

  • Print the History section of an Invite

  • A list of all the tracked activity on an Invite

Access the History section of an Invite

1. Open up the Invite you'd like to access from the Dashboard or Invites page, by selecting the Invite Subject or the Magnifying Glass under Actions

2. Click the History tab which will take you through to the listing of the History of the current Invite

✨Note: Some of these steps may vary depending on your device but the core concepts are the same!

1. While in the History tab of your Invite, click Print History to get a full view of your Invite's history

2. Right click on the page and select Print. 

3. Adjust the settings to your liking and click save. If your device is connected to a printer, you will have the option to print by changing the destination to your printing device.

Activities tracked on an Invite

Below is a list of the different Activities you will see listed under the History of your Invites. All Actions track Time & Date of occurence, as well as the IP Address of the device that the action was performed on (except system activities of Email/SMS Messages from FileInvite)

❗ Note: If multiple parties have a link to modify an Invite they will show under the User section as the same User, however if on different devices will have different IP Addresses

Invite Activity

  • Invite Creation - When the Invite was created and the User who Created it

  • Invite Viewed - When the Invite was Viewed 

  • Invite Sent - When the Invite was sent to the Client

  • Invite Resent - When an Invite is Resent to the Client

  • Invite Returned - When a Client clicks I'm finished and finalises an Invite

  • Invite Closed - When a User has Closed an Invite off as Complete

Messages and Notifications Activity

  • SMS Sending/Failure - Any SMS Messages that have been sent or - if there was an issue - any that have failed

  • Email Sent - Any Email sent to the Client with their Email Address and the Subject that has been sent

  • Message Received - Any Message that has been received from the Client (See these Messages under the Messages tab of an Invite)

  • Message Sent - Any Message that has been sent from a User to your Client through the Messages section (See the conversation under the Messages tab)

Requests and Files Activity

  • Request Saved - When a new Request is created and added to the Invite by a User

  • Document Uploaded - When a document is uploaded by your Client on a Request

  • Document Signed - When a Client signs a document on a Request

  • File Removed - When a Client Removes an Uploaded file of theirs

  • File Deleted - When a User of your account Deletes an Uploaded File of a Client

  • Request Rejected - When a User has Rejected a Request of an Invite

  • Request Approved - When a User has Approved a Request of an Invite

  • Request Reopened - When a User has Undone an Approval/Rejection on a Request

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