The Invite Overview page is a great dashboard to see all you need to know about your Invite in a single screen, saving you time having to check every aspect of an Invite individually. This guide shows you how to get to the Overview page.

In this guide:

  • Access and understand the Overview page of an Invite

Invite Overview page 

You can access the Invite Overview page as soon as you send a FileInvite by clicking the View your new FileInvite button

Tip: You can also access the Invite Overview page at any time by going to Invites and then clicking on the Invite you would like to view. It will offer as well, a brief summary of the invite progress and status.

The Invite Overview page will keep you up-to-date with any changes made to requests with information, such as:

  • Invite due date

  • Contact information

  • Pending file requests 

  • Progress of each Contact

Receive updates 

On the Invite Overview page, the status of the request will update as your client starts to work on it

Hover over the Requests progress bar to see at a glass what has been completed.

Use the Individual Contact Actions

  • View Portal takes you to the Client Portal for the relevant Contact

  • The 2 pieces of Paper will allow you to copy the link to the Client Portal to your clipboard

  • The padlock Closes that Contacts portal from access

  • The final arrow button allows you to resend the Invite to that particular Contact

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