In this guide you will learn how to use a Template to fill out all the main content of an Invite as well as Requests. This saves you time having to rewrite messages and setting reminders for Invites, as well as adding in a predefined set of Requests.

This guide demonstrates how to add Requests from a Template into an Invite WITH the Subject, Message, Cloud Sync options and Reminders Timings also coming from the Template. Requests will replace Requests already in the Invite. 

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  • Add Requests from a Template WITHOUT Replacing the; Subject, Message, Cloud Sync options, Reminders Timings and Requests here

In this guide:

  • Add Requests from a Template into an Invite WITH the Subject, Message, Cloud Sync options and Reminders Timings also coming from the Template. Requests will replace Requests already in the Invite. 

1. Click Create New Invite found at the top of any page within the FileInvite app

Tip: For Multi-User account Admins/Masters an invite can be created as any User, simply hover over Create New Invite to choose a User to create the Invite as.

You'll be taken to the Create Invite section of the app, where you fill in the required details of the Invite as per below.

2. Add/Remove Contacts from the Invite

  • Enter the Contacts name in the Search Contacts field to add an existing contact to the Invite.

  • If the contact does not already exist they can be created by selecting Create New Contact

Tip: Enter an SMS number to have SMS Reminders sent to your Contact (At this stage only the Primary Contact receives SMS Messages)👓 Checkout our Guide on setting what messages are received by your clients here

  • Remove Contacts by clicking the x next to their name in the listing of contacts below this field.

  • You can add multiple parties to the Invite, each will receive their own portal to interact with.

3. Choose a Due Date

4. The Title and Message you'd like to send with the Invite will come from the Template

5. Any Additional Settings such as Cloud Integration and Reminder Alerts will be loaded from the Template, you can adjust these by clicking Additional Settings once the Template is loaded


  • Checkout our guides on Cloud Integrations here

  • Checkout our guides on changing the alerts you receive here or the alerts your clients receive here

Now the fun stuff, let's load in Requests from our Template

Note: If the Requests aren't showing in the Invite ensure you have at least one contact loaded into the Invite

6. Select Load Template near the top of the Invite

7. Select from the Mine or Shared template folders

8. Select the Template you would like to add by clicking the '+' icon

9. Click Replace Invite to use your template

Learn how to merge Invites here

💡Tip: You can select more than one template to add to your invite. Note the Subject, Message and Options will be populated by the primary template shown by the star. 

10. If you have more Requests than just the ones in your Templates use the quick add function of entering a Title into a new Request field, and then editing to add more details and attachments.

  • You can Upload a document and set it to Read Only if you need to send documents through as part of a Request.

  • 👓 See our guide on how to Upload a file and Request an e-Signature here

11. Click the Edit Pencil
✎ to edit a Request - who the request should be assigned to, who needs to action the request, as well as who can see the information submitted to a request and add any extra attachments or to add signatures with our native signature integration

Tip: Optionally select the 'Edit Pencil' next to the Contacts assigned to the Invite to quickly control who has access to the Request

12. Optionally Add and Request signatures on an uploaded document by clicking the Signature Button. See our detailed guide on adding signatures to a document here

Tip: Reorganise requests by clicking the far left tab of the Request and dragging it around

Tip: Review requests by contact by selecting the relevant Contacts Name from the Requests Assignment Tabs

13. Click Next: REVIEW and proceed through the review steps and send the Invite off

🎉As simple as that! Smash out those Invites and get onto the important stuff 🎉

😓Still not quite there? Jump into the chat bubble and we'll get you sorted! 😎

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