Need to quickly copy an existing Invite without going through the process of creating a template? In this guide we'll show you how to easily replicate an existing invite and modify - if necessary - to send on to your clients.

✨ Tip: To send an already sent Invite - done by another User - as your User Account

  • Login as an Admin/Master User where you can see all sent Invites, simply follow the steps below and if you Duplicate an Invite that another User sent, it will now be owned by you.

  • πŸ”’Note: Multiple Users is available on the Multi plans. Find out more about the different FileInvite plans.

  • Creating a FileInvites here

In this guide:

  • Duplicating an Invite for reuse

1. Head to your Invites

2. Next to each invite under Action click the Duplicate button shown below

3. A prompt will open where you can enter a title that will also be used as the Subject line for the Invite. This can be the same as the original title.

4. When the page reloads you will see your Invite in Draft mode. Click the edit button shown below to edit the invite.

5. Click Next: REVIEW and finish the review to send the Invite as is, otherwise follow our guide on Creating an Invite to see how to edit the Invite here

πŸŽ‰Now take a moment to relax as automation of document collection takes hold πŸŽ‰

πŸ˜“Things not as they seem? Give us a yell in the chat bubble and we'll solve it! 😎

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