In this guide we'll show you how to forward a link to an invite on to somebody who wasn't added as a Contact to the Invite when it was sent.

❗ Note:

  • Only send the link to people you trust and want to see the files inside the Request, as sending the link will give the person access to everything already uploaded in the Invite.

  • Only the Contact details for the Client Portal you send are used for interactions with the Invite, so new Uploads/Messages will be displayed as from the Contact who originally received the Client Portal link. So for cases where validating who has uploaded documentation in the History section of the Invite is critical, it is best to use a new Invite.

  • Send the same Invite to Multiple Contacts is best when you have multiple contacts working collaboratively on the same Invite

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In this guide:

  • Sharing a Sent Invite with Multiple Parties

  1. Navigate to the existing Invite from your FileInvite Dashboard

  • Select Invites from the sidebar of your screen and click Sent Invites

  • Select the relevant Invite from the listing of invites

2. From the Requests tab of the selected Invite go to the Overview tab.

3. Navigate to the relevant party on the Invite who's Requests you'd like to share

4. Use the Copy button next to View Portal to copy the unique URL for the client portal for that Contact.

5. Now simply paste this link in an email or message to the required parties and they will be able to interact with the Invite. 

❗ Note: as specified at the top of this article - interactions will be assigned as coming from the Contact of the Portal you copy, so be careful who you send the links to.

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