Automatic reminders aren't always enough to keep your clients on track. In this guide we'll show you how to send a manual Invite Reminder as well as how to Resend an Invite in case your Client didn't receive it.

In this guide:

  • Send an Invite Reminder and Resend an Invite to a Client

1. Navigate to the existing request from your FileInvite Dashboard

  • Select Invites from the sidebar of your screen

  • Select the relevant Invite from the listing of invites

2. Click the Resend Invite button to bring up the message details you'd like to enter for that friendly reminder!

  • Fill in a message to hurry them along

  • Optionally change the Due Date to give your client more time to submit the files


  • Want to change the alerts you receive? Click Here

  • Want to change the alerts your clients being sent requests receive? Click Here

🎉 Woohoo! You've now reminded those clients to follow up with your invite! 🎉

😓 Still struggling? Find us in the chat bubble and we'll get you on track! 😎

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