It's easy to edit and add Requests to an Invite. even after it's been sent. This guide will show you how to access your existing Invite to add and edit the Requests.

In this guide:

  • Add/Edit Request on an existing Invite

1. Navigate to the existing request from your FileInvite Dashboard

  • Select Sent Invites from the sidebar of your screen (revealed by Clicking Invites first)

  • Select the relevant Invite from the listing of invites

2. On the Invite Overview page select the Requests tab
3. Once on the Requests page click the Edit Requests button 

Note: Requests can only be edited when All Requests is selected from the Contacts Option of the Invite

You will now be able to see and edit all the requests assigned to the invite.

4. Enter a Title for your Request to reveal the quick editor

5. Enter a clear description for the Request that explains what you require, and any specifics the client should be aware of

6. Click + Create Request to move onto the next Request or to reveal more options for the Request just created

Tip: Save time creating file requests by loading an invite template.

7. Click the Edit Pencil to edit the Request - who the request should be assigned to, who needs to action the request, as well as who can see the information submitted to a request and add any extra attachments or to add signatures with our native signature integration

Tip: Optionally select the 'Edit Pencil' next to the Contacts assigned to the Invite to quickly control who has access to the Request

8. Drag & Drop a file into the File Uploader, or optionally click the File Uploader to add an attachment to the Request

9. Optionally Add and Request signatures on an uploaded document by clicking the Signature Button. See our detailed guide on adding signatures to a document here

10. Add as many Requests as you would like by following Step 3 for each Request

11. Click Finish Editing to ensure you don't lose your hard work! No one wants that!

12. Finally you'll probably want to update your clients that you need more information from them. Click Resend Invite to notify them

  • Fill in a message to let them know you require more information

  • Optionally change the Due Date to give your client more time to submit the files

🎉Now relax knowing you've chosen the smart way to get documents from your clients🎉

😓Having problems? Send us a message and we'll help sort that!😓

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