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Use the FileInvite website widget
Use the FileInvite website widget

Start collecting visitor information and automatically send FileInvites right from your website.

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The FileInvite widget allows you to collect visitor info directly on your website and automatically send them invites.

In this guide:

  • Add the FileInvite widget to your website

  • How the FileInvite widget works

Add the FileInvite widget to your website

1. In the FileInvite app, go to Settings > Widget

2. Fill in the Widget Appearance details

This includes:

  • Your website address

  • Widget title - this will display on the button and widget pop-up

  • Widget color

  • Location of widget

  • Widget caption - displayed in the widget pop-up 

  • Submitted message - the message your visitors will see once they have submitted their details

  • Submit button text

3. When you have completed these fields, click on the floating button to see how your widget pop-up will appear on your website

4. Fill in your Invite Settings 

  • Choose the email address you want submissions to be sent to

  • Add an Invite Template to be sent to the website visitor

  • Pick an Invite due date

5. Click the Save and generate Widget Code button to confirm and continue

6. Copy the code that is generated to your website 

The widget code should be added just before the </body> tag in your website code

Note: You may need to speak to a developer to embed this code onto your website.

How the FileInvite widget works

1. When a visitor on your website clicks on the button they will be prompted to enter in their details 

2. Once they click send, they will see the submitted message you set up previously.
An Invite will be sent to them based on the template and future due date you specified.

3. You will be emailed the visitor's contact details, similar to a regular contact form. The visitor will also be automatically added as a contact to your FileInvite account.

🎉 Getting the process started with new clients has never been easier 🎉

😓 Widget worries? Get in touch for us to help in the chat bubble 😎

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