Let clients know that requests are coming from you by adding custom colors and logos to your FileInvites.

📝Note: Branded invites are available on the Pro and Multi plans. Find out more about the different FileInvite plans. You will also need to be logged in as the Master User to see these settings

  • User Roles and Permissions here

  • Best Practice Guide here

  • User Roles and Permissions here

In this guide:

  • Add custom branding to FileInvite

  • White Label your FileInvites

Add custom branding to FileInvite

1. In the FileInvite app, go to Settings > Branding 

2. On the Branding Settings page, turn Custom Branding Settings ON to replace the default branding with your own

3. Click Select Logo File to upload a logo from your computer

  • Maximum file size: 300kb

  • Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF

  • Maximum dimensions: 250 x 50px

4. Click the color box to bring up the color picker.
Choose a color from the picker, or if you know your brands Hex color code, enter it in the field.

5. Under Preview, see how your client portal will look with your custom branding

6. Click the Save Branding Settings button to confirm your settings

White Label your FileInvites

Remove all references to the FileInvite brand, including logos and links, from customer communication.

For an additional charge, you can also create a custom domain name for your client portal - contact our team to arrange this.

🔒Note: Full white labeling is only available on the Multi plan.

On the branding page, turn Full White Label ON

🎉 Looking sharp, your clients will love the customized touch 🎉

😓 Things not looking as hoped? Let us fix that in the chat bubble 😎

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