Modify your email messages and SMS to suit your company's voice and tone - or even translate the text into your preferred language.

Note: FileInvite currently only sends SMS to the primary contact of an invite! Stay tuned for an update in the future!

1. Navigate to Settings > Preferences in the main menu

2. Select the Messages tab

Tip: Manage what your clients receive by toggling messages ON or OFF for Email and SMS.

3. Click the edit button of the message that you want to customize.

4. A new section will pop up where you can edit the content of the message that goes out to your client. A preview of how it's going to look will appear on the right.

You can type # to insert fields that are automatically populated based on various data that FileInvite has.

Revert back to the default messages at any time by clicking Restore Message Defaults.

5. Don't forget to click Done to save your changes

6. Finally, hit the Save button to save your message settings.

🎉 Now you can use your voice to get your documents back in record time 🎉

😓 Messaging malfunctions? Let us sort that for you, just click the chat bubble 😎

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