In this guide we'll simplify Messaging by using the Message System within an Invite to communicate with your client. This saves creating messy email threads where the conversation is lost.

In this guide:

  • Messaging Clients through the Messaging System of an Invite

1. Open up the Invite you'd like to access from the Dashboard or Invites page, by selecting the Invite Subject or the Magnifying Glass under Actions

2. Select the Messages tab at the top of the Invite to see all Messages of the Request

  • Any Messages a Client sends you will appear here
  • Any Messages you have sent through the Invites life-cycle - Including the initial message sent with the Invite

3. Simply click the Send a message button

4. A Text field will appear, Enter you message here

5. Click Send Message for the message to be sent to your client

❗ Note: To ensure your client receives your update message, check you have the setting enabled for email/SMS Notifications for sent Messages. See our guide here for more info.

🎉Say goodbye to messy email chains! You've got it all under one roof now! 🎉

😓 The steps not working as you'd expect. We'll solve that in the chat bubble! 😎

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