You've had your client return their files and now you want to access them. In this guide we will show you how to download a single collated PDF of all PDF Copies of the uploaded files, rather than a ZIP Folder of both the original files and PDF Conversions.

Note: PDF copies may not be accessible if the PDF Conversion option is turned off. See how to access this Option here. 

See our other guides on other File Accessing Methods

  • Access a PDF copy of an individual file here
  • Download all files from an Invite as a ZIP folder here
  • Download all PDF converted files from an Invite into a collated Single PDF here

See in this guide how to

  • Download all the PDF Files collated into a single PDF File
  • Download all the PDF Files collated into a single PDF File for a particular client on an Invite

1. Open up the Invite you'd like to access from the Dashboard or Invites page, by selecting the Invite Subject or the Magnifying Glass under Actions

Tip: You can also access the Invite Overview page at any time by going to Invitesand then clicking on the Invite you would like to view

Select All Requests from the Contact Selection to Collate Everyones Files

Select an Individual Contact from the Contact Selection to Collate a particular Clients Files

2. Click either Collate All or Collate Clients Name Files to download the Collated PDF

Note: If you see the below warning, the server needs extra time to convert the files or there are invalid files uploaded.

3. Wait for the prompt to load the link to your file 

  • If the link isn't generated quick enough you can use the Email me the link button to have the link sent to your email once completed.

4. Click the link to access your file

Depending on your browser

  • The file will either open in a new window where you can choose to download it
  • Or the file will download straight away.

🎉 Success! You've got yourself all your files in a convenient single file PDF! 🎉

😓 Having problems with that PDF? Pop into the chat bubble, well sort it! 😎

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