How to modify your Alerts Settings so you can track the actions you need to on your invites. This guide will show you how turn certain Email and SMS alerts off/on that the Sender of an Invite receives.

For a guide on how to change the alerts the Contact who is sent an Invite receives click here.

1. First off head to your FileInvite Settings>Options, ensuring you are under the General tab

2. Under Alert Me click the notifications you wish to change

Note: For SMS messages to work a valid International number must be entered with a country extension preceding the number - +1555098437

Tip: Hover over the Question Marks by each option to get more info on what it changes.

  • Invite First Viewed - When an Invite is first viewed
  • Invite Activity - When content is uploaded to an Invite
  • Invite Completed - When all Requests have information saved OR the Complete Invite button has been clicked
  • Invite Due Date - On the day the Invite is due

Optionally Update your SMS number to change what number to receive updates to

3. Once happy with your alerts don't forget to hit Save General Options!

🎉Woohoo! You've now saved yourself from a cluttered inbox with just the notifications your require! 🎉

😓Still struggling? Reach out to us in the chat bubble, we'll get you sorted! 😎

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