Create profiles for your team mates so they can have their own accounts in FileInvite.

🔒Note: Multiple users are available on the Multi plan. Find out more about the different FileInvite plans.

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In this guide:

  • Create a single user
  • Add team members to groups

Create a single user

1. In the FileInvite app, go to Settings > Team 

2. On the Team page, select the Users tab

3. Click the + Create User button

4. Fill in all relevant information for the user you are adding

5. Once you have added all the details for your new contact, click the Create User button

Note: You can edit or delete a contact at any time, using the icons next to their name on the Contacts page.

Add team members to groups

Arrange team members into their appropriate groups. Groups help to share (and limit) what information different users have access to.

1. On the Team page, select the Groups tab

2. Click the + Create Group button

3. Enter the group name and click the Save Group button

4. On the Edit Group page, under Add Members, search for team members to assign to the group

Start typing a user's name and select them from the drop down menu

5. Add all the users you need in this group then click the Save Group Settings button

🎉 Enjoy the peace of mind of having your Teams organised 🎉

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