Companies allow you to arrange your contacts into their associated businesses. 

In this guide: 

  • Add a new Company
  • Assign a contact to a Company

Add a new Company

1. In the FileInvite app, go to Contacts 

2. On the Contacts page, click the Companies tab

2. Click the + Create Company button

3. Add all relevant imformation to the form

  • Fill in company information including name and website
  • Add associated emails and phone numbers
  • Enter the company's physical address 

4. Once you have added these details, click Save Company to continue.

The new company will now show in your contact list

Note: You can edit or delete a company at any time, using the icons next to their name on the Contacts page.

Assign a contact to a Company

1. From the People page, click the ✎ icon to edit a person

2. Under Company, use the drop-down menu to select their associated company

3. Click the Save Person button to confirm the change

🎉 Reduce the headaches of trying to work out which contacts work where 🎉

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